Family Book Exchange
519 St. Mary's Road     phone 204-237-4949

Books Accepted for Buy, Sell or Trade

Do you have books you no longer want or need?  We may have use for them and to your advantage!  Here is the criteria for us to take those books off your hands.

  • books purchased from our store
  • newer books, between 6 months to a year old of publishing date
  • award winners, eg. National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize for Literature etc.
  • older books from top authors if we don't have many copies
  • kids-  I spy or search and find books, Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Bones etc.
  • Harlequins- only 2015(some exceptions)
  • paranormal romance
  • literature other then Shakespeare
  • westerns
  • science fiction
All must be in good condition to be accepted.

We will not take in the following books:

  • Hardcovers(unless new and not in paperback form or science fiction/fantasy)
  • Encyclopedias
  • Readers Digest, National Geographic
  • Old and historical Harlequins
If you are looking to sell your books we will not consider the following:
  • Halequins of any type
  • Military
  • Hardcovers
  • Stained, ripped or torn books
  • Self help or cookbooks
  • Textbooks
Even with these guidelines we are always open to looking at what you might have.
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